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St. Onge Steward Johnston & Reens LLC
Clients + Practices: Copyrights + Designs

Copyrights + Designs

At SSJR, we take a highly proactive approach to copyright and design protection, ensuring the very finest legal security for your intellectual property. Rather than merely prosecute copyright applications, we scrutinize both your business and the marketplace, keeping a watchful eye on potential challenges and opportunities that may arise down the road. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive legal counsel that not only meets your present needs, but anticipates future developments.

From architectural blueprints to automobile interiors, computer software versions to apparel ornamentation, SSJR is well versed in the subtle intricacies of copyright law. Our intelligent, forward-looking approach securely protects your intellectual property today while laying a foundation for possible product expansion and future filings in the years ahead. Cost containment is as important to our shared success as legal protection, so we pay scrupulous attention to your short- and long-term needs, ensuring maximum results at minimum cost.

We pride ourselves on fostering partnerships that surpass the usual client-attorney relationship, working hand in glove to discern your goals and objectives. Smart, focused and extremely efficient, SSJR’s attorneys understand your unique concerns, anticipate evolving trends and devise new approaches to copyright and design protection that result in innovative solutions and practical legal advice for clients large and small.

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