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St. Onge Steward Johnston & Reens LLC
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A company’s intellectual property is arguably its most valuable asset. For over 100 years, start-ups and multi-billion dollar enterprises worldwide have turned to SSJR for strategic intellectual property counsel, litigation and protection. A boutique firm specializing exclusively in IP law, we don’t dabble in diverse practice areas attempting to be all things to all people like larger firms. Rather, we focus intensely and intelligently on what we know best — IP law.

Accomplished litigators, SSJR lawyers bring innovative thinking, clear focus and competence to each case. We help resolve your hotly contested disputes, venturing well beyond any challenges at hand to identify and capitalize on often-unforeseen opportunities. Our attorneys bring a rare combination of top-notch litigation expertise and solid business acumen to your most pressing legal matters. Experienced in handling major cases against law firms of all sizes, we don’t resort to a standard course of action simply because it’s convenient or incurs billable hours. Instead, we scrutinize the relevant facts surrounding a matter, identify and leverage the often-overlooked legal nuances of relevant statutes, and when appropriate, rewrite the law.

At SSJR, we are as well versed in risk management as cost containment. We know that high legal bills do not guarantee success, nor do they ensure that an experienced lawyer is handling your case. Our skilled attorneys build uncommonly close, open partnerships with clients. Communication and integration are fundamental to our practice and significantly contribute to our success.

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