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From the laboratory to the pharmacy, the garage to the runway, SSJR’s patent practice has been protecting clients’ intellectual property for over a century. We make it our business to intimately know yours, venturing well beyond the traditional patent prosecution processes of other firms to realize unforeseen opportunities.

At SSJR, we understand the idiosyncrasies inherent in a wide range of industries — from shoes to surgical equipment. More than eighty percent of our lawyers are registered patent attorneys with proficiency in virtually every technical field. We also understand the mechanics of product design, manufacturing and distribution, counseling clients in both consumer and commercial markets. Many of our attorneys also bring business experience or advanced degrees in science and engineering to client matters, combining extensive legal knowledge with practical and technical experience.

SSJR attorneys not only prosecute but also litigate patents, giving you a distinct advantage. Rather than merely process a patent, our lawyers anticipate evolving trends and assess the likelihood of future litigation. We scrutinize the marketplace, continually staying abreast of changes affecting a client’s business — and we do it on our time, not yours. SSJR delves deep into patents under review at other companies to discern where the competition is headed both in the U.S. and abroad. This broader view allows us to eliminate potential loopholes and prosecute patents that hold up in litigation. Rather than turn over every stone, racking up significant expenses and billable hours, our attorneys quickly and accurately discern what is really needed. In fact, SSJR’s litigation expertise and appeals have resulted in landmark cases, which have permanently altered patent law.

Our clients are as geographically diverse as the industries in which they operate. We work extensively with businesses overseas and have strong alliances with firms in dozens of countries. This global perspective allows us to strategically evaluate new markets and distribution channels to maximize your patent portfolio investments. No wonder so many significant corporations retain SSJR for their patent matters.

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