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The world of trademark law has changed dramatically in the past 20 years, and the constantly shifting landscape requires lawyers who can adjust quickly and implement strategies that take advantage of change. The Internet has altered the dynamics of branding, and businesses large and small, domiciled domestically and abroad face new opportunities and challenges. Whether you’re developing high-tech kayaks in your garage or managing portfolios boasting over 1,000 trademarks in dozens of countries, SSJR can help launch, grow and protect your business endeavors across the globe.

SSJR understands the myriad details and subtle nuances of trademark regulation worldwide. With more than a century of accomplishment and thousands of successful trademark prosecutions to our name, we bring more than just legal counsel to our client relationships. SSJR offers practical, cost-effective advice about product branding and global trademark laws and regulations. While other law firms frequently file numerous trademarks at great expense, SSJR focuses on filings that enhance the value of the portfolio, secure your position in the marketplace and fully meet your needs. We seek the maximum coverage for your intellectual property without incurring needless costs.

SSJR attorneys bring years of comprehensive trademark experience to bear on the selection, clearance and acquisition of your intellectual property matters. We routinely handle all elements of trademark practice, from the acquisition of trademark rights, to the enforcement of those rights, to licensing and other transactions to ensure the long-term security and integrity of your brand.

At SSJR, we consider your challenges our own and work hand-in-glove with each client to formulate successful intellectual property legal strategies that further your business goals — today and into the future.

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