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Building relationships and expertise around the world

We understand that our clients' IP needs can span the globe. In 2005, SSJR initiated a visiting attorney program to foster closer ties between SSJR and correspondent firms representing mutual clients in different countries.

It only made sense that clients would be better served if attorneys around the world worked together. We quickly learned that whether we were sending our attorneys overseas or hosting a foreign attorney at home we all gained a greater global perspective and broader cultural understanding.

Visiting attorneys typically work for at least a month in a foreign office and are paid by their sponsoring firm. They are actively involved in client work, participate in team meetings, and work with a variety of partners and associates. In some cases, attorneys essentially change places; in others, the attorneys work side by side successively at each sponsor's firm. In either situation, while the visiting attorneys learn about IP laws and business customs in the host country, our clients gain confidence that their particular needs are clearly understood and professionally addressed around the world; whether in Stamford, Paris, or Hong Kong.

Meet the attorneys:

Attorneys who have visited us

  • Alexander Eisenführ

    Alexander works for the law firm of Uexküll & Stolberg in Hamburg, Germany where he is primarily focused on patent law in the area of chemistry and pharmaceutics. The law firm has worked with international clients for over 50 years, so to gain further knowledge of how U.S. cases are handled; Alexander shadowed and worked with SSJR attorneys for a month in 2011. One highlight was observing U.S. litigation proceedings, such as claim construction, which is handled much differently here than in Europe. He was able to experience the day-to-day operations of a U.S. practice, witness the cultural and procedural differences of legal cases, and build relationships on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Renaud Millard

    Based in Paris with the law firm of Breese Derambure Majerowicz, Renaud came to SSJR in 2005 to see how a U.S. firm functions. He became a part of the SSJR team: learning how the U.S. patent process works, observing a U.S. litigation proceeding and gaining hands-on experience with prosecution.

  • Dag Ravemark

    Dag is a patent attorney for ABB AB in Sweden. In September of 2007, Dag visited SSJR where he got an inside glimpse into how a U.S. firm works through his day-to-day interaction and observation of his counterparts who were willing to share their knowledge and expertise. This experience cultivated a lasting business relationship.

  • Remy Rouit

    Remy was a student at Ecole de Formation du Barreau studying to be a patent agent in Europe. In 2010 for school credit, he worked one semester at SSJR in Stamford, focused exclusively on U.S. patents. He was able to see firsthand how a U.S. law firm operates, how the U.S. patent process works, and how clients' portfolio needs are addressed. Remy got to experience a different culture, make business contacts and personal friends in the U.S., and advance his studies and career overseas. In 2012, Remy joined HUGOTAVOCATS, a business law firm in Paris with a significant international practice in the areas of the internet, new technologies, media, the arts and luxury.

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